Pledge to Flip It Forward and one lucky winner will name the baby dolphin!

The latest addition to the Miami Seaquarium family needs a name and we need your help! As we continue to celebrate Flipper’s 50th Anniversary we encourage you to make a pledge to Flip it Forward and perform a random act of kindness.

Pledge to flip it forward through September 15 and one lucky winner will name the baby! The winner will choose from 4 names: Bali, Eclipse, Corona and Storm.

The name will be announced on September 19th the official anniversary of when the Flipper TV Series first aired. 

Make a pledge and you could have the chance to name the baby dolphin and win a fantastic prize!

The classic television series, Flipper, which was filmed at Miami Seaquarium 50 years ago, brought a new awareness and appreciation of dolphins and marine life into our community. Every episode of the popular TV show featured Flipper somehow "saving the day." In recognition of Flipper's good deeds over the years, we want to encourage everyone to 'Flip It Forward' through their own random acts of kindness.