Loggerhead Turtle

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Caretta Caretta

Known for its unusually large head, the loggerhead is the most widely seen sea turtle in South Florida. The carapace, top shell, and flippers are usually a reddish-brown color while their plastron, bottom shell is yellow.

Loggerheads have been seen nesting one to seven times during the nesting season, which runs from May through August here in the United States.

Loggerhead turtles can be seen throughout the temperate and tropical regions of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. These turtles may be found hundreds of miles out to sea, but they have been seen in areas close to shore in bays, lagoons, and salt marshes.

Loggerheads are listed as threatened due to the loss or degradation of nesting habitats from development; marine pollution; watercraft strikes; sickness.