Pacific white-sided Dolphin

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Pacific White-Sided Dolphin

Lagenorhynchus Obliquidens

Because of their striking black and white colorings, Pacific white-sided dolphins are often mistaken for baby killer whales. This species of dolphin, also known as lags, is a true dolphin species of the Family Delphinidae.

Size: Being one of the smaller dolphin species, they can grow to about 7 ft in length and can weight up to 350 lbs.

Distribution: Pacific white-sided dolphins are found in the offshore temperate waters of the northern Pacific Ocean. They prefer deep water with surface temperatures between 42º and 63º F.

Diet: Common prey includes various species of fish and squid.

Predators: Predators of these dolphins include killer whales and sharks.

Gestation: Calves are born in summer or fall following a gestation period of about one year. When born, calves are about 3 feet in length.

Status: Healthy Populations

Fun Facts: Pacific white-sided dolphins are among the ocean’s most acrobatic performers. They can jump as high as 20 feet in the air and reach speeds of over 25 mph.