Conservation and Care

Championing conservation and animal care through environmental stewardship and education.

Since 1955, Miami Seaquarium has consistently prioritized conservation and care. Our commitment is evident in the dedication of our staff, extensive educational outreach, and initiatives aimed at creating a better world. From beach cleanups to the compassionate care of animals and the education of the next generation, everything we do is centered around the key principles of Conservation and Care. Our rich history reflects a legacy of passion, marked by the tireless dedication of our staff. We are dedicated to continuous improvement, recognizing that these principles not only shape our past but also guide our ongoing mission for a more sustainable world.

Visit Miami Seaquarium to witness our commitment to Conservation and Care in action and join us on our journey towards a more sustainable future.


Conservation & Care

Miami Seaquarium has provided a home for animals requiring urgent care since before it even opened 1955. We received our first rescue manatee months before we welcomed our first guest. Our commitment to rescuing and rehabilitating thousands of animals has played a significant role in their successful release back into the wild. Discover why the mission of conservation and care holds such importance at Miami Seaquarium.



Education & Outreach

Conservation isn’t just about caring for our animals and environment, it’s about caring for our community by educating about the world we all share. With our animals acting as ambassadors for those species impacted by threats in the wild, we champion the importance of environmental stewardship to all – teaching others to love and conserve animals as much as we do.



Who We Are, What We Do

It likely comes as no surprise to hear that a marine life zoo-aquarium (sometimes referred to as an oceanarium) is a complex operation. Let us take you behind the scenes to learn about the animals, people, and place that make Miami Seaquarium what it is: a world-class leader in education, conservation and collaborative research, right here along the Biscayne Bay since 1955.




In the mission to make our world a better place for all its inhabitants, we know we can’t go it alone. That’s why Miami Seaquarium partners with some of the globe’s leading animal welfare institutions for accreditation, ensuring we are held to the highest standards as we promote conservation to hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.




Our story stretches back to the mid-1950s, when an Ohio businessman took a leap of faith into the emerging world of American Aquariums, choosing a quiet spot in Key Biscayne to make history. <!– Read on to learn about Miami Seaquarium’s history. –>


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