Trainer for a Day

Program offering

  • ✅ Age limits; 15 yrs old and up

Qualifications; Recommended for persons interested or curious about the overall job/career, care, animal welfare, and conditioning of marine mammals in human care, and experience first hand assisting and working side by side with the people and  professionals that do it on a daily basis.

Program times; Tuesday and Thursdays

  • Check-in 10am
  • Program start time 10:30 am
  • Program end time 4:30 Pm
  • Location; Dolphin Harbor
  • 1 PAX per day
  • Dress code: Bring a swim suit, towel, and sunscreen
  • Start at $500 usd

Program Description

This  program is developed for participants interested in the field of Marine animal care and conditioning to join our Dolphin Harbor marine animal team  area for a full day to experience a “real world” day on the job with in one of our teams, they will be learning and working alongside the staff with the animals in our daily activities and operations.

The program would have the guest participant join us in all daily activities with the animals of the area, working as an “apprentice” alongside the staff as if they were a new staff member. The program would include animal diet preparation, assisting and working with the staff and animals through out the day, individual time with a trainer and animals ( poolside and in the water), and assisting in sessions and interactive program operations with the marine animal specialist staff.

The program is designed for persons that want a “real” experience into what it is to be a marine animal specialist member, working in a zoological institution.
The program is good for those that are curious or considering such a career in their future (high school and college students considering this as a future job option)

Program Inclusions

  • ✅ Photos with the Animals and action shots included
  • ✅ Free lunch

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