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Experience nature on a whole new level.

Fun Swimming with Dolphins in Miami, Florida

Whether swimming deep beneath the surface or leaping high above the water, the sealife of Miami Seaquarium® will delight and astound. Take a look at all we have to offer. There’s an experience for every member of the family.

An all new Virtual Reality underwater world

Discover an all new Virtual Reality world underwater. DIVR+ is a virtual reality snorkeling system with sensory feedback. Participants wear a waterproof VR headset and breathe from a snorkel. Cutting-edge technology creates an unbelievably realistic VR experience for one of three experiences: Ocean, Dragons or Space.

Tickets to Miami Seaquarium

Welcome to Miami Seaquarium, where endangered sea turtles and manatees find a safe haven and dolphins delight children of all ages. Providing unique and interactive experiences that are educational and fun for visitors looking for things to do in Miami and South Florida, the Seaquarium’s conservation efforts have protected thousands of animals since opening in 1955.

Royal Swim

The Royal Swim is the most fun and unique program at Miami Seaquarium. Designed to exceed all your expectations. Feel the thrill of a foot push, as two dolphins push you from the soles of your feet. That’s not all, you’ll also have an opportunity for a unique dorsal tow by two dolphins.

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Meet A Dolphin

Get up close with a dolphin in this unique opportunity from out of the water…a perfect opportunity for families. Learn about our resident animals, and the importance of our education and conservation mission. Each session is unique and runs approximately 10 minutes.

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Dolphin Odyssey

Explore the ocean’s most loved creatures during this deep-water experience. You’ll have approximately 30 minutes to share all sorts of behaviors,including handshakes, rubs, training techniques and feeding your new friend. The experience is highlighted by an awesome dorsal pull. Each session in unique.

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Shark and Ray Interaction

Come face-to-fin with rays and nurse sharks in a natural mangrove forest overlooking Biscayne Bay in an all new experience at Miami Seaquarium.

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Touch Pools

Submerge your hands and touch bamboo sharks, cleaner fish and invertebrates in our NEW Touch Pools! This interactive exhibit will make you not want to leave, especially if you have a swarm of fish swimming up to you and giving you kisses.

Caribbean Flamingos

With our renovated entrance, you will now encounter over 30 beautiful flamingos, as soon as you enter the park. Our birds are surrounded by tropical landscape, allowing them to roam freely and enjoy the weather. Come meet these lovely birds and take picturesque photos!

Dolphin Encounter

This fun-filled, 30-minute program is a great way for young and old alike to have an unforgettable experience with a dolphin. During an Encounter, the dolphin swims to you while you stand in just a few feet of water. Do things like shake hands,and even try out some training signals. Each session is unique.

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Seal Swim

Our Seal Swim program is a unique deep and shallow water interaction with harbor seals. During your 15-20 minute interaction, you’ll be swimming freely alongside our seals and then be introduced to your special seal friend to receive hugs, kisses, and take part in a fun training session.

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Penguin Encounter

Learn about our African penguins at Penguin Isle and immerse yourself in their environment with our all-new penguin encounter! Enjoy a unique interaction with one of the world’s most beloved birds in an intimate setting. You’ll have the opportunity to meet and interact with a penguin one-on-one.

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SeaTREK® Reef Encounter

Marvel at an underwater walking journey through our 300,000-gallon tropical reef. With a state-of-the-art dive helmet that allows you to breathe freely, you’ll feel right at home under the sea. During your 20-minute journey, you’ll encounter tropical fish, sting rays and a variety of unique sea creatures.

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VIP Tour

Our VIP Tour is an interactive 2 1/2-hour program where you may have the opportunity to get up-close and personal with some of our exotic animal friends. A personal tour guide will take you on a fascinating adventure.

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Conservation Outpost

Learn about the challenges that manatees and endangered sea turtles face in the wild as well as the park’s rescue and rehabilitation program. Enjoy a display of informative graphics and videos of our rescue team on a mission. You might even catch a glimpse of our Rescue truck on display!

Rescue a Reef

In a joint effort to advance the conservation and restoration of reefs, Miami Seaquarium and University of Miami’s RSMAS has added a new exhibit: ‘Rescue a Reef’! Take a look at the 500- gallon jewel tank aquarium showcasing the university’s coral reef restoration program.

African Penguin

The African Penguin is the only species that breeds in Africa. You can’t find them anywhere else! Their scientific name comes from the Greek work spen which means wedge and demersus which means plunging. This refers to their streamlined bodies which enable them to swim fast and travel long distances.

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Penguin Isle

Meet the newest creatures to call Miami Seaquarium® their home – African Penguins living at the brand new Penguin Isle. As soon as guests walk up to Penguin Isle, they will be greeted by over-sized, colorful graphics and educational displays about penguins and the challenges they face in the wild.

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Top Deck Dolphin

Thrill to the high-flying antics of bottlenose dolphins as they perform breathtaking leaps and rolls. Guests thrill to the acrobatics of these agile marine mammals as they brave “rough waters” during the Rock n’ Roll Cruise. The Top Deck dolphins can be viewed anytime throughout the day from above and below the water. Please note: 2nd level is not wheelchair accessible. Show viewing available on first level.

Sea Turtles

Sea turtles have inhabited the earth’s waters for millions of years. Sea turtles live for long periods of time but scientists are not certain of their life spans as sea turtles can outlive the scientists. Currently, five of the eight recognized species of sea turtle can be found in the waters surrounding Florida.

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Tropical Reef

The reef aquarium features a 750,000-gallon saltwater aquarium teeming with reef fishes of every size and color. During the Reef Presentation, a diver accompanied by a group of Sea Trekers work their way around the aquarium allowing visitors to watch as he/she hand-feeds tropical fish, large groupers, stingrays and moray eels.

Golden Dome Sea Lion

Enjoy the hilarious adventures of Salty the Sea Lion and his Reef Rangers. This comedic playlet allows the sea lion and seal stars to show off their athletic and comedic abilities as they explore the reef searching for a littering diver. You, too, can be a Reef Ranger by helping protect our waters from trash and recycling whenever possible.

Loggerhead Turtle

Known for its unusually large head, the loggerhead is the most widely seen sea turtle in South Florida. The carapace, top shell, and flippers are usually a reddish-brown color while their plastron, bottom shell is yellow. Loggerhead turtles can be seen throughout the temperate and tropical regions of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans.

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Flipper Dolphin Show

The new Caribbean themed show, with a new set, music, and behaviors will let everyone know what Flipper has been up to in recent years. While the show demonstrates that Flipper’s surroundings may have changed, his core commitment to helping out when there is a need has not.

Seal & Sea Lion

The Seal & Sea Lion Feeder Pool is adjacent to the The Golden Dome, a Miami landmark designed by architect Buckminster Fuller. Throughout the day, guests may enjoy the Seal and Sea Lion Exhibit, where they can observe Sea Lions and Seals.

Leatherback Turtle

Referred to as the champion of all sea turtles, the leatherback turtle grows the largest, dives the deepest, and travels the furthest. Adults of this species can grow 4 to 8 ft in length and can weigh 500 to 2000 pds. The leatherback can be seen worldwide from the tropical and temperate waters of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans.

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Red-footed tortoise

The red-footed tortoise is a species of tortoise from northern South America. These medium-sized tortoises generally average 30 cm as adults, but can reach over 40 cm. You can find these tortoises inside our Tropical Wings Exhibit.

Trainer for a Day

As Trainer for a Day participant, enjoy a hands-on, behind-the-scenes experience like no other! Working side-by-side with our trainers, you’ll receive training basics and orientations for each of our marquee shows, assist with show set-ups, critique shows, and help with other essential activities.

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Green Sea Turtle

One of the largest of the eight species of sea turtles, the green turtle has been documented to grow to a maximum of about 4 feet and weigh 440 pounds. The shell is considered heart-shaped in appearance. An adult female green sea turtle may lay up to nine nests in one season, which runs from June through September.

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Discovery Bay

One of the largest of the eight species of sea turtles, the green turtle has been documented to grow to a maximum of about 4 feet and weigh 440 pounds. The shell is considered heart-shaped in appearance. An adult female green sea turtle may lay up to nine nests in one season, which runs from June through September.

Hawksbill Turtle

Hawksbill are a small to medium sea turtle, with a yellow, orange, or reddish brown coloration in its carapace. It’s head is quite small with a distinctive hawk like beak. An adult Hawksbill turtle may reach up to 3 ft. in length and weigh up to 300 pds. Hawksbills are frequently found in rocky areas, coral reefs, and shallow coastal waters.

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Tropical Wings

View a variety of tropical birds, including macaws, cockatoos, Amazons, and African Greys. Our animal keepers are on hand to answer any questions you may have and tell you more about the birds we have on exhibit. Tropical Wings is also home to our Stingray Touch Pool.

Kemp’s Ridley

The endangered Kemp’s Ridley turtle is one of the smallest sea turtles, with full-grown adults reaching about 2 ft in length and weighing around 100 pds. This turtle has a triangular-shaped head with a hooked beak, which allows for the diet of mostly crabs.

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Tropical Fish Aquariums

Explore the stunning variety of tropical marine life that inhabits the aquariums lining the walls of the Top Deck Dolphin area. Explore a number of ocean creatures from Florida Lobsters that live in local reefs to the invasive Red Lion Fish which was recently discovered in Caribbean waters but are originally from the Pacific and Indian oceans.

Stingray Exhibit

This interactive exhibit, gives park guests the opportunity to feed and feel the gentle glide of these amazing creatures at their fingertips. Daily feeding sessions provide the opportunity for guests to feed the Stingrays. Located inside Tropical Wings Exhibit.

Bottlenose Dolphin

Bottlenose dolphins are one of the most popular and well known cetacean species in society today. Because of their ability to adapt to human care, as well as learn new behaviors, they are the most studied of all dolphin species.

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Sharky’s Playground Island

An exclusive play zone dedicated to children. Take a break and enjoy our dry slides.


The scientific order, Pinnipedia, consist of seals, sea lions, and walruses. The word pinnipedia means fin or feather footed. All members of this order are expert divers and have four swimming flippers. Here at Miami Seaquarium® we have Harbor Seals and California Sea Lions.

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Harbor Seal

Harbor seals are found in temperate, sub-arctic and arctic waters of the North Atlantic and North Pacific oceans. Adult males can grow up to 6 feet and weigh around 375 pounds, while adult females can grow around 6 feet and weigh around 330 pounds.

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California Sea Lion

California Sea Lions can be found along the west coast of North America from southern British Columbia to northern Mexico. Their diet consists of squids, octopuses, and various fish including salmon, herring, and anchovies. Adults can grow to 8 feet and weigh up to 880 pounds, while females can grow up to 6.5 feet and weigh up to 240 pounds.

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